1. Emerald City Comic Con! …is a thing I am doing. Con #1 on the spring convention gauntlet. Will I survive to see #3?! I don’t know, but if you want any of THIS stuff, you should come see me at ECCC ;) Here’s a teaser of: MonsterFriend batch, Flibble batch, Licker batch; convention exclusive Hug-A-Mug Coffee (limited edition!) and new release Tentacle Attack necklace in Dark Night; PLUS part of a batch of Vials of Hearts & Stars. Just a sample of what I’ve brought! Handy dandy map provided so you can find me at Booth 1304. 

    There will also be plush pie. And bacon. Can’t go wrong with pie and/or bacon.

  2. Plush Prototype: Superkale: the Other Other Caped Crusader. Kale is a superfood, so maybe it’s also a superhero? This will be an exclusive for Wondercon, but for now the only one in existence is on eBay with 100% of auction profit going to Misha Collins’ brainchild charity Random Acts. I couldn’t do AMOK or E4K but I wanted to help out, so I’m selling a prototype for the first time ever.

    Made from silky Minky with appliqued and topstiched veining; wired leaf with wired cape that allows it to stand on its own. About 10” tall. One of those weird con crunch brainstorms, what can I say…

  3. Plush prototype: Coffee Mug. Not yet named really, will be released as an Emerald City Comic Con exclusive (but may have small tweaks like the color). 5.5” tall x 4” across (not including handle). I have small hands, btw. :P

    My con schedule has gotten a bit mad; in addition to ECCC I’ll be exhibiting at Wondercon and C2E2 on consecutive weekends. It’s too bad I don’t actually drink coffee… ;)

  4. Codename “Operation Tinier Men” (points if you know the reference) finally revealed. There are 3 more of these in the wild not shown in the “class picture”.

    Commission for WeLoveFine of Fred Seibert (yes, as in Frederator Studios, home of Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Bee + Puppycat). A little over 9” tall when not posed like a HS senior photo; wired arms and legs and weighted booty. Featuring his signature outfit (I’ve been told). Made from anti-pill fleece, doll velour, faux fur, wool and acrylic felt, cotton, customized woven ribbon, embroidery floss. Fluffy eyebrows were a special request ;) A lot of work that probably doesn’t show on these guys, but that’s how it goes.

    I’m a newbie at human plush but have been informed they were well-received; and obviously it was a big honor to make something for the guy that among many other things helped Tumblr exist. Here’s an article if you’d like to learn more about him! And here’s his Tumblr.

  5. House of Darkly is exhibiting at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in Los Angeles this weekend! Come see me at Booth 318 (not far from the Loot Crate bus). I’ll have lots of exciting stuff, many one-of-a-kind and new. Here’s new release #1!

    Comikaze Exclusive: Flying Toaster! Do you have a vague memory of a flock of toasters that once haunted your computer’s dreams? Now you can capture your very own. Edition of 5, each hand-numbered.

  6. 8Bit Flower Crown prototype: so I had these perler beads lying around (I have no idea why, I’ve never used them). Naturally, I made an 8-bit (ish) flower crown. It’s mounted on a headband; most practical for wearing. It was a quick project right before and after GISHWHES, so if I make another I’ve got solutions to problems I had. It was fun to make something that wasn’t plush or jewelry, though, and it’s festive! I wore it to Dragon*Con.

    I’ve thought about making some to sell at cons but not sure anyone would be interested. I might be a one-woman fashion statement. ;)

  7. Monster Friend making party. Well, party of one ;) 
Getting ready for NYCC with a side of Comikaze and DesignerCon *right* after! Kindaaaaaa busy.

    Monster Friend making party. Well, party of one ;)

    Getting ready for NYCC with a side of Comikaze and DesignerCon *right* after! Kindaaaaaa busy.

  8. House of Darkly NYCC Exclusive: 8Bit Geek necklace. For all the girls who have nothing to prove* and want to be sure everyone knows it. Special edition first release in super sparkly black acrylic with rainbow glitter! (Pendant approximately 3.25” wide x 0.8” high) - Booth #214 in The Block

    *This is all of them. All of the geek girls, ladies, women, and those who have yet to decide.

  9. Announcing my New York Comic-Con exclusive: Werewolf Candy Corn. Limited edition, signed and numbered tag. Made from extra-silky faux fur, hand painted eyes, poseable tail; ~8.5” tall.

    House of Darkly will be exhibiting for a 3rd year/2nd time in The Block @ NYCC Oct. 10-13! Like I can resist a Halloween theme at any point in October. Just the first of the new items I’ll have; hope you’ll come by!

  10. Continuing my campaign to be sent to the special circle of Fandom Hell, may I present: puppet! Sam Winchester from Supernatural, or puppet! Jared Padalecki given that I got the idea from an offhand comment by Misha Collins I can no longer prove happened. As seen wandering the halls at Dragon*con; he’s met the real Red and Mokey Fraggle, you guys.

    Happy to share build details but won’t bore anyone who’s not interested. Only my 2nd “proper” human puppet and my 1st with a full foam head (my pattern), so I know he’s not perfect. Polyfoam and Antron fleece; wig is a modified synthetic human one. Infant shirt (tag says “INFANT LUMBERJACK”). Moose antlers are detachable. Sculpted pecs/abs not shown because I want to airbrush them/add anti-possession tattoo; still working on him (also, PROPS!). Added antlers after the con; so I was amazed people recognized him totally out of context in the halls.

    My heart actually stops at the idea of taking him to meet Jared Padalecki (I’m making a Dean puppet, too, are you crazy). But even though it would be the most amazing photo op ever, I think it probably won’t happen… :’(

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