1. I’ve just reached 300 followers on tumblr, I’ve launched a mailing list for House of Darkly, and it’s a brand spanky New Year; time for a giveaway! I’m feeling the love so there will be FIVE winners with GREAT prizes.

    Grand Prize A:  Custom MonsterFriend; you choose colors, details, expression! It will be the only one like it in the world.
    Grand Prize B: Adventure Time King Worm plush, with optional winter scarf. These are special order items only!
    Grand Prize C: Felt ornament of the character of your choice! (historical figures, yourself, OCs welcome!)
    Runner up x2: set of any three buttons from my Etsy store (more options than are pictured!)
    Entries will be drawn using random number draw. 1st winner chooses one; 2nd winner chooses from the two remaining. If the 3rd winner is left with the worm and is not an AT fan, fear not; we will work something out just for you!

    How to enter (up to 5 chances):

    • 1 entry per reblog; up to 3, not encouraging you to spam your poor friends ;)
    • 1 entry for likes.
    • TWO additional entries for signing up for the new shop mailing list via the site - you must fill in the tumblr username field so I know who you are. (If you are already signed up just message me.)
    • 1 entry for tweets linking the giveaway if you have a Twitter account. You must include @house_of_darkly for me to see it. If your account there is different from here, please @ mention me with your tumblr name in a separate tweet.


    • You do not have to be following. Maybe you just like to get free stuff and run, I won’t judge… (/。\)・゜゜・
    • Please, no giveaway blogs.
    • Shipping is covered, including international. My treat. :)
    • You MUST have your ask box open, and you MUST be wiling to give me a real mailing address or I can’t get your prize to you. Make sure you have your parents’ permission if you need it.

    GIVEAWAY ENDS: January 20th, 2013 (that looks so weird) @ 11:59PM EST


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