1. The Doctor and the Wind-Up Dalek

    (1) “Hi there! I’m the Doctor, and I’d really prefer it if you didn’t shoot me. Please. Nothing to worry about, licensed toy inspector.”

    (2) “Well, what have we here? A toy? A little toy Dalek! Brilliiant. But who would want a toy Dalek? Daleks aren’t cute. Never cute. It has to be a puppy, or an especially friendly dinosaur in a fetching hat… oh, yes, a toy. But, the question really is, who built the toy? Who would build a toy Dalek…?”

    (3) “Ah, and now the lights have gone. Not to alarm you - it is a little bit alarming - but I think this might, just slightly, be a trap.”

    (4) “When I say run, RUN. Fast as you can. 3…2…1…”

    1/6th scale Eleventh Doctor by Big Chief Studios, Character Building Dalek, and Underground Toys TARDIS making a forced-perspective cameo. :) Quickie shots.


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